Sun Valley Road Rally


About Sun Valley Road Rally

Designed by Sun Valley Auto Club owner Dave Stone, Sun Valley Road Rally debuted in 2009. Stone set out to create an event that gave collectors an opportunity they couldn’t find anywhere else. Sun Valley Road Rally is a weekend of world-class car rallying and cruising and the only speed event of its kind. Drivers enjoy 3.2 miles of open road to drive at top speed on the longest public no-speed road in North America. Since inception, the event has added Ketchum Cruise & Car Show, a five-mile cruise through the beautiful resort of Sun Valley. The two hour car show is held in the downtown Ketchum Town Square.

About Sun Valley Community Chest Inc.

Sun Valley Community Chest Inc, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, is the new organizer of Sun Valley Road Rally. The organization generates funds by producing signature events such as Sun Valley Road Rally, and donates the funds to local youth programs. Sun Valley Community Chest will continue to add more events to its line-up as well as extend donations to additional community programs that are specific to assisting youth via education, athletics, health, and arts. Sun Valley Community Chest also believes strongly in contributing to the stability and growth of the Blaine County business community.

Board: David Stone (President), Dave Stevens (Treasurer), Mark Williams (Secretary), David Concannon, Peggy Baker